Big White Duel (白色强人)

Hong Kong's healthcare reform is imperative. The radical reform plan is to privatize public hospitals and raise capital by means of public listing to maintain operations. The leading public hospital, "Marshall Paxton Hospital", has become a pilot for the reform. Read more Dr YEUNG YAT-TO (Roger Kwok), Deputy Hospital Chief Executive and Chief of Service (C.O.S.) of Neurosurgery, has made preparations for five years, seeking to turn the hospital into a medical empire that raises more than $10 billion. He is even looking to be the person-in-charge! Dr TONG MING (Kenneth Ma), C.O.S. of Cardio Thoracic Surgery, has a totally different ideology compared to YAT-TO’s. He has fought alongside his apprentice POON WAI-TAK (Matthew Ho) in accordance with the life-saving principle that is to hold human life above the healthcare system, but they are instead dragged into the power struggle initiated by Dr LUI CHUNG-HOK (David Chiang), CE of Marshal Paxton, who opposes the medical reform. YAT-TO, TONG MING, a cardiothoracic surgeon, CHING LOK-MAN (Ali Lee), an ER doctor, ZOE SO (Natalie Tong), and a neurosurgeon, LUI OI-LING (Kelly Cheung), etc. are a group of strong-willed people in white robes, but their opponents are not only diseases, but also human greed coupled with the lust driven by power…... Read less

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