Angel In-the-Making (实习天使)

During their nursing internship at the hospital, final year nursing students, KI LOK (Eliza Sam) together with her classmates TANG LAI-CHING (Moon Lau) and YU YUET-OI (Jinny Ng), are assigned to a ward known as "Hell's ward" to receive training under the supervision of a registered nurse called YEUNG CHI-MING (Tony Hung). Although CHI-MING, nicknamed "RAY, the Demon", is an experienced nurse with exceptional medical Read moreskills, his strange personality and mysterious background scare away most of the hospital staff. However, brave and kind-hearted KI LOK cannot help getting very curious about CHI-MING, taking advantage of every opportunity to try to get to know him. In the process, she unveils the rarely-known facts about CHI-MING. Unexpectedly, CHI-MING, the monster instructor, sows discord among the students, sparking a heated confrontation among them. While facing unprecedented challenges, the nursing students also need to prepare for the final exam. After all, is CHI-MING an angel or a demon? Will the nursing students be able to escape his clutches and eventually manage to save lives? Read less

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