The Last Healer In Forbidden City (末代御医)

Following the defeat of the First Sino-Japanese War and failure of the Hundred Days' Reform, GUANGXU (Pierre Ngo) is put under house arrest by EMPRESS DOWAGER CIXI (Helena Law) in Zhongnanhai adjacent to the Forbidden City. Due to his exceptional medical skills, physician TO CHUNG (Roger Kwok) is summoned to the palace to treat CIXI's illness. CIXI is very happy after recovering without medication so she confers the title of Imperial Doctor on TO CHUNG, leaving him no other choice but to accept it, Read morealthough he is aware of the potential danger. As an Imperial Doctor, TO CHUNG not only discovers the cure for the rare disease and solves the unsolved mysteries like no other before, but also earns GUANGXU's trust as a result of having dedicated to treating GUANGXU as well as helping him and CONSORT ZHEN (Rebecca Zhu), the star-crossed lovers. Despite that, TO CHUNG still cannot cure his disabled wife HUNG PAK-HOP (Jia Xiaochen), so he seeks aid from another physician, FUK LING (Tavia Yeung), specializing in orthopedics and a family secret massage therapy, hoping to help ease PAK-HOP's pain. Moreover, TO CHUNG recommends FUK LING to give a massage to CIXI in the palace. In the process, TO CHUNG and FUK LING grow fond of each other and even become romantically involved, however, they keep their feelings to themselves for fear of hurting PAK-HOP. In fact, FUK LING has a secret mission linked to a plot that might pose a threat to Qing's sovereignty! On the verge of ongoing political crisis involving CIXI, GUANGXU, CONSORT ZHEN and the others, are TO CHUNG and FUK LING eventually able to escape unscathed? Read less

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