Your Highness (痞子殿下)


The Prince is in dire straits. He endures multiple ordeals and turns the situation around. On his father's order, Pak Sing State Fourth Prince Kei Wai (Chow Ka Lok), who has fallen out of favor, goes to Ko Lin Sun State to marry Princess Nap-hak Won-yau (Jeannie Chan). Read more On the way, the couple plunge into a lake and become forgetful as they are ambushed. They are stranded in Sau Chun Town, which is in a state of anarchy. Dodgy types are everywhere in this town, and different gangs want to take over as the town leader. Kei Wai and Won-yau are kindly offered shelter by Yik Fung Escort First Master Kau Yung (Hugo Ng) and Second Master Fok Ching-shan (Raymond Cho). And the couple befriend escort guards Kau Chin-dou (Brian Chu) and Fok Siu-mui (Joey Wong). By virtue of his intelligence and kindness, Kei Wai repeatedly helps the escort overcome hurdles internally and externally. King Kei Kwing flees to Sau Chun Town as he is overthrown. Troops converge on the town, and the townspeople vigorously put up resistance. Are Kei Wai and Won-yau able to defuse this dangerous situation? Read less

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