Witness To A Prosecution II (洗冤录 II)

Chee (Bobby Au Yeung) was a prison warden before both his wives died. After that, he quit his job and lived quietly away from people in a remote village. Chu (Charmaine Sheh) is notorious for bringing bad luck to other people. All the villagers avoid her. She works as an embalmer trying to hide away from the others. Chee meets her in a mortuary. Somehow, Chu loses some money because of him, so he agrees to work for her to compensate her loss. Read moreWhen Chee is helping Chu to do make-up for an unmarried girl’s body, they find out that the girl was already pregnant and the cause of death is suspicious. Their good friend Lung (Stephen Au) is a suspect. Chee follows all the clues and finally saves Lung from prosecution. The dead girl’s case, however, stirs up suspicion of Chee’s real identity among the villagers. Meanwhile, there is a killer in the village killing people on rainy nights. All evidence points to Chee as the killer. Only Chu believes that Chee is innocent. When all the misunderstandings between Chee and the villagers are cleared up, Chu and Chee become closer to each other. Unfortunately, Chee cannot forget his wives. He turns down Chu in case he brings bad luck to her too. Later, when Chu almost scars her face in an accident, Chee has a psychological breakthrough and proposes to her.While they are preparing for their wedding, Chu is suspected of killing her stepmother. Although Chee proves that she is innocent eventually, she has already been badly beaten up. He leaves quietly again thinking that he is truly causing bad luck to his lovers. Chee is a pioneer in forensic science. He invents special ways to investigate causes of deaths. He reveals the truth and speaks for the dead.Read less

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