Will Power (法外风云)

At court, two of the most famous lawyers in town YU YING-WAI (Wayne Lai) and LEE MING-YEUNG (Moses Chan) conduct tit-for-tat attacks on each other by any means necessary. YING-WAI eventually turns the tide before he is defeated, however, he almost loses his life in the process, which completely alters his perspective on life. Such change catches a Senior Counsel LO SUM-PO's (Yueh Hua) eye, and he recruits YING-WAI to handle a litigation regarding the will of a late tycoon. Read more MING-YEUNG has to return to his mentor SHUM YIK-WO's (Chung King Fai) law firm because he is now debt-ridden. As soon as he gets there, he starts cooperating with his mentor's daughter SHUM YUET-KAN (Fala Chen). For many years, YUET-KAN has been dating SONG KA-YIU (Vincent Wong), a scion of a wealthy family. KA-YIU, who craves for greatness and success, is in fact a complacent person, making it easy for MING-YEUNG to take advantage of. When the litigation gets underway, the trial judge turns out to be YING-WAI's ex-wife as well as MING-YEUNG's old flame LUK SZE-YING (Christine Ng). Once again going head-to-head at court, the two gradually discover there is something else going on in the case. To their surprise, the key man maintains a vital connection with YING-WAI's protégé CHING KA-MING (Jason Chan). Thus begins a life-or-death turmoil in the law firm...... Read less

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