When Heaven Burns (天与地)

When YIP CHI-YAN (Charmaine Sheh), LAU CHUN-HUNG (Bowie Lam), SUNG YI-LONG (Moses Chan) and CHENG CHUN-HIN (Wong Tak Bun) are brought together again by an accident, their lives change irreversibly. YAN is a radio host. She and the other three were members of the same band eighteen years ago. Read moreThe memory of them playing music together comes back vividly to them, and so does the pain they have all tried so hard to bury. Eighteen years ago her boyfriend, KA-MING, was killed in a hiking accident. Time flies, but she can never forgive HUNG, LONG and HIN for failing to save MING. Nor can she get over MING and start another serious relationship. Although they are sorry to see her getting lost in relationships, they have their own problems to face, too. All of a sudden, the four good friends and the people around them are drawn into a vortex of love they have no control over.Read less

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