Unchained Medley (灵戏逼人)

Pop musician Ding Yat-chun (Owen Cheung) is often troubled by nightmares. He then gets embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, so he moves to a small village for the time being as he also wants to relax. Yat-chun unwittingly opens an old Cantonese opera costume trunk in the village house, releasing the ghost of opera diva Wan Lau-fong (Katy Kung). Read more In the 1990s, Lau-fong was a Cantonese opera diva, but she passed away due to some accident. Lau-fong has forgotten almost everything about her human life. And she only wants to track down her crush Kuk Hang-wan from yesteryear. Yat-chun agrees to help as he wants to assist Lau-fong in fulfilling her wish. While they get along, a human and a ghost support each other, and they gradually fall in love. However, someone finds out about Lau-fong's ghost. They are afraid of the truth behind her death being exposed, so they decide to cover up everything at all costs. Read less

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