Touch The Sky (究竟天有几高)

To mark the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the Motherland, TVB proudly presents meticulously produced Ode To Light And Shadow In Unity, and TVB always stands by you whatever the circumstances. This drama production is comprised of five engaging short stories, namely Touch The Sky; My Mom, My Ping Pong; My Pride; You Light Me Up; and Silver Lining, which, along with the viewers, are going to witness Hong Kong’s experiences and metamorphoses in the past quarter century. Read more Touch The Sky revisits 2010, and China National Space Administration has selected a Hong Kong research and development team with a request to produce Camera Pointing System for a moon exploration mission. Professor Wing Kit (John Chiang) is the team leader overseeing diligent team members, including Cheung Ling (Katy Kung), Wong Chi-keung (Justin Wong), Man Sai-yin (Hero Yuen) and Cheung Chun-sang (King Lam), in conducting research. The team research is a success as their efforts have facilitated Hong Kong making significant contribution to the Motherland’s space exploration history. And then Wing Kit continues to lead the team to develop surface sampling device for Chang’e 5. However, Chun-sang trio quit the team due to various reasons, and Cheung Ling, who has some space exploration dream, still stays behind to help Wing Kit. The team eventually again complete their task and provide momentum for the Motherland’s space exploration efforts in the long run. Read less

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