Tomorrow Is Another Day (再战明天)

The Principal Officer (PO) of the Correctional Services Department (CSD), MAN SHEUNG-SHING (Lawrence Ng), stations in the Stanley Prison and is responsible for handling prison inmates. Dealing with the inmates head-on day after day, he has to be extremely vigilant and cautious, putting a great deal of pressure on himself. Read moreUnexpectedly, his subordinate, KIU CHING-KIU (Vincent Wong) often violates the rules. He not only stays in frequent contact with the incarcerated ones, but also has love affair with one, escalating the conflicts between him and SHEUNG-SHING. Working in the Lo Wu Correctional Institution, YIU OI-KA (Kate Tsui) has known SHEUNG-SHING for many years. She is bold enough to express her love affection for SHEUNG-SHING despite their age gap of ten years or more, but is categorically rejected by SHEUNG-SHING. However, SHEUNG-SHING's best friend and co-worker, YUNG WAI-CHUN (Kenny Wong), who works for the Rehabilitation Division, sees through him, indicating that, after the failure of his marriage, he just deliberately avoids facing reality by making excuses of looking after his younger sister MAN SHEUNG-YAU (Jacqueline Wong). In fact, WAI-CHUN himself is struggling with family issues, fortunately, he gets help from both of his female confidants, SHEUNG-SHING's ex-wife YIP NGA-LUI (Jade Leung) and co-worker CHI CHUN-KWONG (Tracy Chu). The challenges they routinely confront on both sides of the prison walls are often enormously complicated and beyond others' understanding; whereas a riot which is on the verge of happening once again renders SHEUNG-SHING and his co-workers in danger. Will they eventually accomplish their mission against all odds? Read less

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