The Tofu War (灿烂的外母)

SIU SAU-KING (Nancy Sit) is the third-generation matriarch of a century-old tofu business. She uses her powerful status to protect a distant relative TO WAI-LUNG (Dominic Lam), causing the son DOU CHEUNG (Jonathan Cheung) to feel unhappy. Meanwhile, CHEUNG’s buddy WONG SIU-MING (Lai Lok Yi) loses both his job and his girlfriend KEI HIU-YING (Elaine Yiu) and is Read morelooking for a change. The two mates instantly agree to initiate major business reforms, and the old and new camps engage each other in confrontational mode day and night. SIU-MING runs into childhood buddy SZETO NAM (Roxanne Tong) and tells her his sorrows. They then become romantically involved and the idea of marriage starts to grow. But SAU-KING turns out to be NAM’s mum. NAM pretends to be depressed to force her mum to quickly agree to SIU-MING marrying her. Seeing each other is bad enough, but living together turns the situation into disaster. As a husband, SIU-MING’s life, whether private or otherwise, is constantly made very difficult. To divert the hostile attacks away from him, SIU-MING comes up with a fantastic idea of playing matchmaker for his mother-in-law and owner of the tofu business FU TAK-CHING (William Fung). However, good intentions turn sour and the matchmaking game looks likely to turn into a farce. Read less

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