The Runner (大步走)

While tasked to dig up newsworthy scandals regarding a track and field group, Windchasers Club, digital media editor Ho Ka-yan (Elaine Yiu) is introduced to running coach Yuen Nik (Joel Chan). Although incidents from his past has led Yuen Nik to be fearful of establishing new relationships, he finds himself growing closer to Ka-yan through their interactions. Read moreMeanwhile, tycoon Kwok Wong-po (Ram Chiang)’s daughter, Kwok Bui-yee (Tiffany Lau), joins the Windchasers Club with an ulterior motive. But when the tycoon becomes the club’s new sponsor, disputes start to brew between Wong-po and coach Yuen Nik. On top of that, Yuen Nik is asked by his good friend Lai Shun-fan (Max Cheung) to take care of Mak Yu-sun, his young son, forming the start of a mentor-disciple relationship between Yuen Nik and Yu-sun, while past connections between Shun-fan and Ka-yan begin to come to light. Later, Shun-fan contracts a critical illness and falls into depression, prompting Yuen Nik to become a strong supporter to his friend. Throughout these incidents, Yuen Nik reflects upon his life as he yearns to set foot on the running track once again. Read less

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