The No No Girl (全职没女)

On her bumpy road to love, LAW LAI-CHING (Adia Chan), over 40, is still busy paying back the debt of gratitude owed by her ex. She, who has no property, no job, experiences the worst “stab in the back” moment when she is dumped right before her wedding. Struggling to make ends meet, she has to take part in the comeback competition for losers held by the hotel in town, Read morein hopes of landing on a stable job with good pay. Surprisingly, the event organizer turns out to be CHONG FU-HO (Eddie Cheung), whom she had a one-night stand with many years ago; whereas FU-HO seems to have forgotten about LAI-CHING. Gradually, the two develop a good employer/employee relationship. FU-HO’s son, CHONG TSUN-WING (Owen Cheung), is demoted from General Manager position to trainee after provoking his father to wrath. With LAI-CHING’s help and guidance, TSUN-WING slowly mends fences with his father. Later, TSUN-WING falls for a mysterious, intriguing girl named MUSE MIU (Jeannie Chan). He cannot help feeling lost as the more he loves her the more he wants to protect her, even though she is his rival. What’s more ironic is that FU-HO accidentally discovers the one whom he had a one-night stand with turns out to be LAI-CHING. Right away, he changes the competition rules to a single-elimination system, leading to a drastic change in their relationship and an endless sequence of controversies. Eventually, the middle-aged bachelorette is compelled to make a decision…… Read less

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