The New Heaven Sword And the Dragon Sabre (倚天屠龙记)


While Wu-dang chief Feng is celebrating his birthday with his disciples, one of them, Shan (Simon Yam), is taken hostage by Sun to the Ice and Volcanic Island. Shan is forced to marry the chief’s daughter Su (DoDo Cheng) and they have a son called Chi (Tony Leung). Ten years later, Shan returns to find himself wanted by fighters for secret of the Dragon Sabre. In the end, Shan and Su have to kill themselves, Read more leaving behind their young and innocent son. When Chi grows up, he, by chance, becomes an invincible fighter and is made the chief to the Ming Clan. However, he relinquishes his position to Chaio (Lai Hon Chi) and opts for a secluded life with his beloved Min (Kitty Lai) and Yeuk (Sheren Tang). Read less


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