The Man Who Kills Troubles (解决师)

The Fixer comes up with all kinds of crazy ideas to help gangsters resolve conundrums. Karson (Vincent Wong) is the Fixer in Chinese gangland in Australia. He is tired of gang life and just wants to be with his beloved Chloe (Kelly Cheung), who regrettably dies in an accident. Meanwhile, Karson is framed as some gang boss's killer. Read more He fakes his own death to evade pursuers. He begins a new life in Hong Kong as he becomes secondary school PE teacher O Sir (Ngo Hei-chen). Jovy (Cheung Wing-yan) (Natalie Tong), newly appointed Class 5E Supervisor, is in fact the daughter of some gang boss. Good and bad guys confront each other as her father quits gang life. The shock waves even affect school campus. O Sir has to play the Fixer again as he embarks on a mission to protect Jovy and the students. Man Sir (Man Ho-chuen) (Jonathan Cheung), a rising star of the police, is determined to eradicate baddies in Hong Kong. He becomes an evil character as he discovers some truth that devastates his values. Even though Man Sir's subordinate Ace (Crystal Fung) really loves him, she fails to dissuade him. O Sir finds out Chloe's death was just a subplot. Meanwhile, Jovy's father is murdered. With the help of Jovy's father's trusted aide Hong Chung-yu (Sharon Chan), Jovy becomes the new gang boss and tries to calm the chaotic situation in gangland. O Sir and Jovy fall in love. He naturally tries his best to help and protect her. Good and evil are radically redefined. How can anyone be sure if some person is a good guy or not? Read less

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