The Legend Of Hao Lan (皓镧传)

During the later stage of the Warring States period, State of Qin and State of Zhao are battling for more grounds and wars often break out between them. In the state of Zhao Handan, Censor-in-chief Li He’s daughter Li Hao Lan (Wu Jinyan) is framed by her stepmother. This not only destroyed her family, but she was disgraced and sold. Down-and-out Lu Buwei (Nie Yuan) happens to buy her. Read moreHe uses a ridiculously attractive scheme to offer Hao Lan to Ying Yiren (Mao Zijun), King of Qin’s grandson, who is held hostage at a palace in State of Zhao. Li and Lu enter Zhao palace together, and cleverly unravel devious schemes. In particular, the duo manage to dismantle a trap set up by Princess Ya (Karina Hai) for them as she has a crush on Yiren. They even gain King of Zhao’s admiration. Hao Lan becomes Yiren’s wife. As Hao Lan marries a foreign state man, so the State of Qin massacred 400,000 Zhao troops. Yiren’s capacity as a hostage puts him in potential fatal danger. Princess Ya ends up dead as she fails to frame Hao Lan. The bond between the two of them becomes weaker. Everybody senses danger in the palace. Lu Buwei uses Hao Lan to incite disorder in State of Zhao’s inner court. He seizes a chance to make King of Qin’s grandson Yiren escape from State of Zhao and return to State of Qin. Some crook in State of Qin is spreading rumors about father of Hao Lan’s son Ying Zheng (Tong Mengshi) is actually Lu Buwei and not Yiren. Meanwhile, Yiren succumbs to critical illness. Ying Zheng ascends the throne. He reckons Lu Buwei definitely has something to do with his father’s death. He also sends Lu into exile as he does not like him having too much power. Hao Lan begs her son to spare Lu from death. In Luoyang, the two of them finally reunite, just like when they first met. Read less

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