The Learning Curve Of A Warlord (大帅哥)

In the Warlord Era, DIK KEI (Dicky Cheung) is a lowly captain without any ambition. He has been using his crafty ideas and fast-talking to survive the past twenty years. Due to successfully saving Marshal MUNG TAI-TUNG (Tsoi Kwok Hing), he is successively promoted seven grades and becomes a bully calling the shots in Sing Wai Town. Three warlords, namely, LI SAI-KWAI (Max Cheung), MAK SIN-GAN (Eddie Pang) and SHEH NAM (Jerry Ku), in an adjacent territory really hate their new neighbor and are plotting to wreak havoc. Read moreFortunately, DIK KEI has three loyal brothers, namely, MA TAN (Tony Hung), LAW YEE (Tsui Wing) and TUNG LOI (Oscar Li) to help him handle the enemies. They even coerce weapons expert KOO LOK-LO (Raymond Cho) to join their team. The quintet eventually manage to gain a foothold in Sing Wai Town. DIK KEI has three mistresses, namely, YIP TIN-KIU (Zoie Tam), NGAI NAU (Vivien Yeo) and CHEUNG YUEN-YUEN (Sisley Choi) DIK KEI puts himself in danger as he knows YUEN-YUEN is a revolutionary, but he still lets her keep him company. Some people are getting overly ambitious at the military camp. Also, warlords and Japanese forces are watching very closely, causing DIK KEI’s situation to get increasingly precarious. Read less

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