The Kwoks And What (我家无难事)

Seasoned Chinese frog closure instructor Kwok-Law Mei-lan (Nina Paw) has raised her children and grandchildren by herself. She discovers everybody’s issues before her 70th birthday. Her eldest son Kwok Tak-kan’s (Joe Ma) business has failed, and he is also divorcing his wife Tian Yu-fei (Natalie Tong). Her second daughter Kwok Tak-bo (Stephanie Che) and her son Kwok King-hin (Fei Wu) Read more are drifting apart, and her relationship with her boyfriend has also ended. Her youngest son Kwok Tak-ming (Mat Yeung) loses his job as Tak-kan has got him into trouble. While Mei-lan wants to help her children solve their problems, she also plans to team up with her favorite disciple Chong Zi-chang (Grace Wong) to pass down the craft. Meanwhile, Tak-kan and his siblings keep contradicting each other. And gangster Kwok Chung-shek (Eddie Kwan) abruptly shows up and claims he has 50% ownership of the Kwoks’ property. Can Mei-lan’s strict adherence to the Kwoks motto “Keep walking and there’s a way out” unite family members in the confrontation against the enemy? Read less

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