The Impossible 3 (非凡三侠)

Lara, an ordinary lady who works as a tour guide; Chan Loog, a stuntsman who is tough on the outside but in fact full of fears; and Mr Key, a depressed novelist – the life of three strangers become intertwined when they become eyewitnesses to a kidnapping case. Perhaps acting out of guilt for not intervening earlier, or perhaps out of a longing to find a deeper meaning in their mundane lives, they engage the help of bartender Daniel to connect with underworld gang member Brother-3 (Sam-Gor) in hopes of saving the kidnapped girl. Read moreInstead, the three become embroiled in a feud between Sam-Gor and the leader of an international abduction triad, Jackson. The three ordinary heros embark on an unimaginable journey: Using Lara’s wisdom acquired from films, Mr Key’s scheming mind, Chan Loog’s clumsy fighting skills, with a little luck, and 300% risk, they somehow manage to complete this impossible task, saving all the kidnapped children, and even withdrawing from the scene before the police arrives. Read less

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