The Dripping Sauce (大酱园)

Man Koon Brewery has been making soy sauce in Foshan for a century. Patriarch Man Kai-shan (Hugo Ng) and his wife Tsik Tak-yung (Mimi Kung) live by their motto of “Male succession and keep it in the family”. But after an incident of a soy sauce contamination, they reluctantly let two ladies, Ip Sai-yiu (Katy Kung) and Ha Siu-moon (Rebecca Zhu), into the trade. Read moreThe pair and the family’s son Man Cheuk-fung (Matthew Ho) embark on their apprenticeship. Wah Ko (James Ng), junior master of the business, joins the trio and they end up forming a fascinating quartet. In the meantime, anxiety is rising among everyone as some of the Man family’s secrets are being uncovered. At the same time, Cheuk-fung suddenly disappears. Kai-shan’s younger brothers Kai-shek (Timothy Cheng), Kai-tsun (Gary Chan) and Kai-kong (Tsui Wing) want a division of the family assets. Even General Ko Shiu-wing (Andrew Yuen), an outsider, wants a share of it. After 100 years of operation, the future Man Koon Brewery is threatened as it’s placed in such an uncertain situation. Read less

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