The Day Of Days (初五启市录)

In the early years of the Republic of China, gang leader SO FEI (Raymond Wong), to whom the brotherly loyalty will always prevail, runs a hard labour business which encounters financial difficulties. Misconstruing that simple and honest SUNG LAI-WO (Sunny Chan) is a close relative to the TONG's family - a noble clan of Xiguan, SO FEI deliberately flatters him in order to gain profits from the new dock run by LAI-WO. Read more Unanticipatedly LAI-WO is merely an idler of the TONG's family, and the one at the helm is actually a pre-eminent businesswoman in Guangzhou and the eldest daughter of the TONG's family – TONG NGA-WUN (Sonija Kwok). She is not only very skillful in taking advantage of various situations, but also bold and resolute at work. However, she sacrifices her youth to take care of her family business, above which she has even spoiled her sister – TONG NGA-MAN (Lam Ha Mei). NGA-MAN, with a rebellious temperament, deliberately fools around with SO FEI so as to irritate NGA-WUN. While the TONG's family is leading a befuddled life, the valiant mayor of Guangzhou – WONG KAI-YIU (Law Lok Lam) is shot by accident, creating a furor among the city, following which the mystery man - LAI-WO is appointed as the mayor of Guangzhou. Seizing the opportunity at the mayoral inauguration ceremony on the fifth day of the first lunar month, those forces of evil and people from all circles that have been dormant for a while turn out in full strength to wreak havoc. Read less

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