Storm In A Cocoon (守业者)

Wing Tai Lung is the silk kingdom in Canton during the early years of Republic China. Its owner POON WING-NIN (Yueh Hua), because of his advanced age, has handed over the charge to his elder son POON KA-HIN (Evergreen Mak) and daughter POON HAU-YEE (Hong Wah). Out of the blue, HAU-YEE commits suicide, so his second son POON KA-YEUNG (Steven Ma), who was serving as a combat medic, returns to his hometown, taking over the reins. Read moreApart from his discovery of HAU-YEE’s dubious death, the best friend of the late HAU-YEE, TONG BING-BING (Tavia Yeung) also has a feeling of suspicion, so the two decide to launch an investigation. However, they instead unfold the intricate relationships between their family members and the silk factory workers, and anyone could be the murder suspect, which is a double whammy for KA-YEUNG. All the girls working in the silk factory look up to the forewoman SIN PIK-WAN (Maggie Shiu) as their leader and constantly show hostility towards BING-BING. Ever since she started working in the factory, big fat liar FUNG CHI-CHING (Natalie Tong) has chosen to stay single. In fact, she is up to something, leaving the factory open to attack. In the meantime, KA-YEUNG feels deeply attracted to BING-BING's sense of righteousness and courage. Just when their relationship is about to blossom into romance, tragedy strikes when BING-BING's long-missing fiancé KWAN CHO-YIU (Raymond Cho) suddenly returns. And the real murderer who killed HAU-YEE turns out to be beyond all expectations. As one sows, so shall one reap. The whole POON family has spun a cocoon around themselves and got stuck in it. Although KA-YEUNG and BING-BING are determined to keep their family business, they have to deal with such immensely complicated situation involving countless others......Read less

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