Silver Lining (曙光)

To mark the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the Motherland, TVB proudly presents meticulously produced Ode To Light And Shadow In Unity, and TVB always stands by you whatever the circumstances. This drama production is comprised of five engaging short stories, namely Touch The Sky; My Mom, My Ping Pong; My Pride; You Light Me Up; and Silver Lining, which, along with the viewers, are going to witness Hong Kong’s experiences and metamorphoses in the past quarter century. Read more Silver Lining depicts an old Cantonese restaurant called Yuet Tak Kui, which is well liked by neighborhood foodies, before the handover in 1997, and assistant chef Au Yiu-cho (Matthew Ho) announces he and his wife Tang Lai-kuen (Hera Chan) are taking over the business. Yuet Tak Kui’s business gradually gets on the right track. Lai-kuen suggests buying their own shop, but Yiu-cho disagrees, so Lai-kuen arbitrarily purchases some shop. Yuet Tak Kui’s business goes south as Asian Financial Crisis strikes. Through hard work and networking, Yiu-cho leads Yuet Tak Kui to overcome financial hurdles. However, Yiu-cho gets furious due to a debt collection letter about some negative equity shop. He even thinks getting married to Lai-kuen was probably a mistake. Everything seems to have returned to what was previously after the financial crisis, but irreparable cracks have appeared between Yiu-cho and Lai-kuen. Read less

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