Rogue Emperor (流氓皇帝)

Being a homeless person in Hong Kong, CHU KAM-CHUN (Kenneth Ma) is self-proclaimed the last emperor of China. A social worker FUNG SIU-YUNG (Tracy Chu) is dispatched to follow up the case, gradually unveiling KAM-CHUN's legendary, absurdity-packed adventures in pursuit of the love of his life, YEE YUNG-YUNG (Niki Chow). In the early 1930s, young KAM-CHUN wanted to earn enough betrothal money to tie the knot with YUNG-YUNG, so he went to take part in a fireworks competition together with his younger brother CHU CHEUNG-FUN (Benjamin Yuen), good friends NG DOR-HO (Jerry Ku) and NGAU YUK-KIN (Brian Tse). Read moreDue to an accident, they not only let the chance slip by but also encountered a series of unbelievable, bizarre events and blunders, as well as people such as bandit LUNG TSUN-FUNG (Harriet Yeung), revolutionist TUNG CHUN-BONG (Luk Wing) and warlord CHE TAI-PAU (Pal Sinn). On top of that, DOR-HO's younger sister NG DOR-YUE (Mandy Wong) was also implicated in past events and became a social butterfly. KAM-CHUN and the others started as militants, yet ended up becoming fugitives. Later on KAM-CHUN made his way to Shanghai, where he got help from a gang leader called NGAU LIK (Joe Tay), then went from strength to strength, and eventually rose to prominence, turning into a tycoon who had a dominant control over Shanghai. Although KAM-CHUN still yearned for YUNG-YUNG, a careless mistake once again caused their separation for almost forty years...... Read less

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