Overachievers (名门暗战)

CHIANG YUEN (Wayne Lai) is determined to establish his own business and surpasses his father CHIANG SHING-TIN (Yueh Hua) so as to take revenge against his father for having kept him in tight control all these years. Despite several setbacks, CHIANG YUEN, with assistance from CHUNG HIU-YEUNG (Raymond Wong), DING MAN-CHI (Nancy Wu), YUEN SIU-TIN (Edwin Siu) and the others, makes a comeback by setting up a mobile application development company, taking a pledge to start a trade war with his father. Read moreEver Since CHIANG YUEN left home, his younger brother CHIANG SING (Raymond Cho) has been thrown on the scrap heap by his father. Taking advantage of it, their step-mother LEE TSAU-PING (Susanna Kwan) pushes her own son CHIANG TSUN (Jason Chan) to become the successor, scheming to take over the group. CHIANG YUEN thereby comes under consecutive attacks from TSAU-PING, fortunately, he gets helps from his ex-girlfriend KWAN FA-LA (Maggie Shiu) and her autistic son KO HING (Fred Cheng) spiritually, which also makes him reflect on his relationship with his father. Seeing that TSAU-PING becomes a turncoat and seeks to covet the business empire that his father has built up for years, CHIANG YUEN secretly joins forces with his younger brother and uncle LEE TSAU-KAN (Chan Kwok Pong) to strike back. Unexpectedly, his best friend turns his back on him, whereas his rival instead joins his alliance to battle side by side with him, making the situation much more perilous and hard to tell who is ally or foe......Read less

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