To raise funds for scientific research, postgraduate student Harry (Telford Wong) joins a stock group founded by stock commentator Master Koo (Ben Sir), aka Magic Genie. Harry loses everything as he tragically falls for a scam, so he approaches Simon Sir (Ram Chiang), Katty (Roxanne Tong) and Hook (Lucas Yiu), who are also scam victims, and asks them to team up with him to seek compensation. Read more They then establish a money-making alliance called OPM and go down the road to financial speculation involving London Gold, market manipulation, public companies, IPOs and much more. And they make a profit of HK$10 billion in the process. Some people want money for realizing their dreams, whereas others strive for financial freedom by playing the money game. However, everyone is led by the nose when financial management techniques are transformed into scams. While more and more people are scammed, can Harry and his chums still reaffirm their original intention and convert the scam back to an ideal? Read less

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