Oh My Grad (老表,毕业喇!)


Founded by couple TO FU (Woo Fung) and KONG PIK (Helena Law), Hong Kong Brilliance Institute (HKBI) is a tertiary institution with lower entry requirements and tuition fees that silently cultivates prospective teachers. After the institute gets involved in the growing academic fraud and financial difficulties, Read morethe couple urgently summons their eldest son TO MING-CHI (Roger Kwok) and youngest son TO MING-HANG (Bob Lam) back to cope with the issues, with MING-CHI as the principal, and MING-HANG as a council member. Not wanting their incompatible teaching philosophies to confound the problems, a public relations specialist CHEUNG CHUN-KEUNG (Ada Choi) is also brought in to lead the institute out of shadows. Due to his lack of management experience, MING-CHI does not agree with CHUN-KEUNG’s profit-oriented approach; whereas CHUN-KEUNG, who looks down on MING-CHI, is growing ever stronger as she is under the broad member’s order aiming to help rich heir SHIH TAK-WAH (Babyjohn Choi) graduate. However, SHIH TAK-WAH has no motivation to study, winding up in a love triangle with his fellow students, a Thai Chinese named LIU NIOU (Eliza Sam) and top Mahjong player CHING SHU (Mag Lam). CHING SHU’s archenemies LUI YAU (Siu Po) and CHUI FUNG-KEI (Momo Wu) often gossip about CHING SHU having a May-December romance with classmate CHING LONG (Ram Chiang). Between them and MING-CHI’s cousin-aunt TO TAK-WAI (Joyce Cheng), mischievous YEUNG KWO (Louis Cheung) plus mysterious CHOI SUM (Wong Cho Lam), the institute is pushed up against the wall by these no ordinary students…… Read less

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