Officer Geomancer (八卦神探)

Police officer, SIT TAN-YAN (Johnson Lee), is a no ordinary man because he possesses authentic knowledge and skills in geomancy that he learned from his grandfather, and often manages to solve mysterious cases at critical moments. On top of that, having his best friend LEUNG SING-KAU (Oscar Leung), who has connections on both sides of the law, be his informant, his style of work amazes his superior CHE KWAI-FEI (Joey Meng) very much. Read more As a criminal psychologist, KWAI-FEI makes a decision solely based on rational factors. Though the two seem to be poles apart, they have developed a close rapport with each other. Apart from her job, KWAI-FEI, being the matriarch of her family, cares for nothing but the future of her younger sister CHE KWAI-MEI (Harriet Yeung) and brother CHE KWAI-KWAN (Fred Cheng). When KWAI-MEI gets caught up in a love triangle involving SING-KAU and KWAI-FEI’s subordinate TIT LEUNG-CHI (Rebecca Zhu), KWAI-FEI becomes out of control, fortunately, she gets help from TAN-YAN. Meanwhile, there have been consecutive reports of kidnapped persons in town, and the abduction method evokes TAN-YAN's memories of the past that he has hidden for years. Without hesitation, KWAI-FEI risks her own life to investigate the cases, whereas TAN-YAN predicts that something is going to happen...... Read less

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