Of Greed and Ants (黄金有罪)

Set in the 1970s, Hong Kong’s economy is rapidly growing, with its stock market being a battleground filled with greed. After his father’s tragic fate, Chinese Thai Wing Muk-tung’s (Eddie Cheung) view on life is upturned. He leaves Thailand and arrives in Hong Kong. There, he aims to rise in the financial world and learn the power of the stock market. Read moreVirtuous blue-collar worker Ching Wing-chun (Edwin Siu) and his friends Luk Siu-fu (Anthony Ho) and Chong Tai-hei (Tony Hung) are hardworking young men chasing their goals. However, the trio is hit by the force of the stock market and faces unpleasant results. Three new tenants have settled into Wing-chun’s house - Shui Man-jing (Elaine Yiu), her younger sister Shui Man-ting (Jeannie Chan) and their mother. Likewise, the polar opposite sisters are looking for an opportunity to improve their fortune. Muk-tung eventually realizes his aspiration after approaching tycoon Tong Ho-fung (Ben Wong). The fates of Wing-chun and his mates are also affected as they get tangled in the situation. Read less

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