No Regrets (巾帼枭雄之义海豪情)

Guangzhou is in a state of political turmoil in the 1930s. Gangsters go on the rampage; opium trading is rampant too. Seeing the huge profits illicit opium trading brings, the government has established the Anti-Smoking Bureau under the guise of suppressing opium. Gang kingpin CHENG LONG-KWAN (Yueh Hua) heads the bureau. His eldest daughter CHENG KAU-MUI (Tang Shui Man) returns from Shanghai so that she too can take a share. Read moreMUI is an unscrupulous person who meticulously plans her every move. LAU SING (Lai Yiu Cheung) is the leader of the Criminal Investigation Team. He has worked hard all his life to bring an easy life for his family, especially his bed-ridden younger sister LAU CHING (Fala Chen). Despite his hot temper, he values friendship and brotherhood more than anything else, to the point that he once almost sacrifices his life to help his team member TONG KAT (Pierre Ngo), who is a timid person. It is fate that MUI and SING should meet each other and survive many calamities together. It is also fate that they are like natural competitors who will never give in. Mutual understanding and affection grow slowly between them. Later, the Japanese army comes and Guangzhou falls into the hands of the Japanese. MUI enters the darkest time in her life when her aunt CHENG LONG-HEI (Susan Tse) frames her up. Fortunately, SING is always by her side…Read less

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