Narcotics Heroes (破毒强人)

Against the backdrop of neon lights in Hong Kong, there is a hidden dark side that nobody knows – the city is the hub of narcotics from all over the world. Rewind ten years and Narcotics Bureau has apprehended Man Wah, aka Drug Lord (Moses Chan). Read more However, undercover officer Ip Ho-tin (Edwin Siu) is sacrificed as he is injected with a colossal dose of dope, and he has since lost his feelings. Fast-forward ten years and Man Wah suffers from cancer and is given pardon and released from prison. He seemingly lives out the rest of his life by running some upstairs bookstore. Actually, he covertly asks his old love Cheung Lam (Nancy Wu) and a dumb guy called Tsui On-lok (Matthew Ho) to engage in online drug dealing. And he uses Cheung Lam's status in the financial field for money laundering in the stock market. A missing police officer case sends shock waves across Hong Kong. Ho-tin is reassigned back to Narcotics Bureau to collaborate with his ex-girlfriend Ting Yeuk-ning (Kelly Cheung). A “war on drugs" again breaks out … Read less

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