My Lover From The Planet Meow (来自喵喵星的妳)

MIU MIU-MIU (Kristal Tin), originally from the Planet Meow, applies to live on Earth in a humanoid form to help solve the growing marriage problems between a physicist named SIT DING-KAP (Moses Chan) and CHIU YIU (Nancy Wu) so as to avoid the negative effects on her young master, SIT SZE-SZE (Celine Yeung). It turns out that, ten years ago, Read moreMIU-MIU took the appearance of a cat to be the pet of SIT's family and established a close bond with them. Trying to stay on Earth in every way possible and get close to them, MIU-MIU is lucky enough to meet a kind-hearted physician named KO KWAI (Mimi Chu), who takes her in. When chance leads MIU-MIU to join the company that DING-KAP works for, she demonstrates remarkable scientific knowledge that she learned from her homeworld, and soon becomes very popular. Her catlike nature allows her to have acute senses and supernatural agility. Due to this, she overhears that senior executives, KO TIN-SHAN (Eddie Kwan) and NATASHA NAM (Vivien Yeo), plot against DING-KAP. She is eager to protect DING-KAP from harm, not realizing that she herself falls in love with him, which instantly gets on CHIU YIU's nerves. Meanwhile, someone from MIU-MIU's home planet suddenly appears, putting her secret at stake...... Read less

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