My Commissioned Lover (婚姻合伙人)

From the operation of partitioned flats to the establishment of a property agency, LONG CHIU-YUNG (Mat Yeung) and PUI KING-CHI (Samantha Ko) are colleagues and later become a couple, making them great partners in business and life. However, for KING-CHI, who grew up as a loner, running a family is riskier than a business. Read moreIt is because she has to tolerate CHIU-YUNG’s whole family, including her brother-in-law CHIU-YAN (Luk Wing) with low self-esteem, sister-in-law CHIU-SHUN (Roxanne Tong), who falls in love with playboy YING HEI (Kenny Wong), etc. Fortunately, CHIU-YUNG loves KING-CHI dearly and he does not even hesitate to take the blame for her and go to jail. With the company in crisis, KING-CHI, who does not want to see CHIU-YUNG end up penniless after being released from jail, schemes to rely on her ex-boyfriend YING HEI by using her daughter. Yet, KING-CHI is just being so excessively greedy that the pair end up breaking up! The deeper the love, the deeper the hate. They have since turned against each other…… Read less

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