Momentary Lapse Of Reason (收规华)

KAM WAH (Louis Cheung) appears to be a corrupt cop who can easily trade his dignity, taking bribes like it's no big deal. During his investigation of a human trafficking case, he gets to know a girl who vows to stay single, LEUNG SUM (Tavia Yeung). LEUNG SUM is haunted by being kidnapped as a child together with her best friend, FA YING-YUET (Lin Xia Wei), so she hates human traffickers Read moreand despises the corrupt civil servants even more, except KAM WAH's co-worker, SHUM YAT-YIN (Mat Yeung). YAT-YIN, a man of unquestionable integrity who stays free of corruption, not only grabs LEUNG SUM's attention but also gains her affection. Though KAM WAH's philosophy is poles apart from YAT-YIN's, KAM WAH experiences an awakening of conscience after he takes bribes leading to the sudden death of a witness. However, at that time, there are unwritten rules that are so deeply entrenched on both sides of the law. YAT-YIN is demoted as a result of his implication in the power struggle between two contending factions led respectively by businessman CHONG NGO-SHAN (Lau Kong) and detective LUI KWOK (Timothy Cheng), putting his relationship with LEUNG SUM to the ultimate test. Having seen all of this, KAM WAH is slowly dying inside. Yet all he can do is to silently stand by LEUNG SUM's side in hopes of making some redemption for his earlier mistakes in secret...... Read less

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