May Fortune Smile On You (财神驾到)

A mistake made by the God of Fortune has caused the life of MUI CHOI-KIN (Wayne Lai) to be swapped with WONG PAK-MAN’s (Pal Sinn). PAK-MAN has since then become increasingly rich, while CHOI-KIN, whose wife and daughter have left him, is living a hard life operating a noodle stall by the street. One day, CHOI-KIN encounters PAK-MAN’s son WONG CHIU-CHOI (Matthew Ho), Read moreand the two feel an instant connection. However, since PAK-MAN forbids it, CHIU-CHOI together with his bodyguard KAM CHUM (Jack Wu) can only give CHOI-KIN help in secret. He also arranges for CHOI-KIN’s goddaughter LIN CHI-YUNG (Kelly Fu) to work in his father’s company. It turns out CHIU-CHOI indeed embodies the spirit of the God of Fortune; though he no longer possesses supernatural powers, he can still bring good luck to people around him. On the other hand, CHIU-CHOI’s stepmother TSUI SIM (Claire Yiu), who embodies the spirit of the Wicked Witch, employs all her vices to forbid the friendship between CHIU-CHOI and CHOI-KIN, she even arranges for a lady named NG HIU-TING (Winki Lai) to pretend to be CHOI-KIN’s long-lost daughter, in an attempt to cause further heartbreak and loss to CHOI-KIN. Fortunately, God has mercy and strikes CHIU-CHOI with lightning to help him awake to the truth, enabling him to right his wrong before it is too late. CHIU-CHOI hence helps CHOI-KIN become wealthy, but CHOI-KIN’s generous personality has hindered him from accumulating wealth. Therefore, CHIU-CHOI decides to do a complete revamp of Gong Hei Lane where CHOI-KIN lives, so that everyone there becomes rich… Read less

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