Looking Back in Anger (义不容情)

Modern drama ‘Looking Back In Anger’ tells the story of two brothers who have shared deep bondage as children but end up to be the greatest enemies. The time goes back to the 60s. Mui Yim Fong (Lam Kit Ying) was wrongly prosecuted for a case of murder by prosecutor Fung Sai-Bong and is sentenced to death. She leaves her two sons in the hands of Aunt Wan (So Han Shuen) Kin (Wong Yat Wa) and Hong (Wan Siu Lun) grow up. Read more In a car accident, Hong has caused the death of Ngai Cho-Kwan’s (Lau Ka Ling) brother. Not wanting to see Hong going to the jail, Kin admits the charge and is sent to prison. He breaks up with his girlfriend, Lee Wah (Chau Hoi Mei) and subsequently marries Kwan. Hong is an ambitious and a ruthless young man. He has a girlfriend Ka Man (Shui Mei Ki). But in order to climb up social ladder, he pursues Fung Mei Yan (Sheung Tin Ngor), the daughter of Prosecutor Fung. Man is furious and would not let Hong go. Hong has no other choice but to get rid of Man. When aunt Wan becomes suspicious of Man’s death, Hong kills her too. Kin discovers Hong’s obnoxious murders with shocking grief. Hong is slimy enough to get acquitted from the court. But Kin is determined to see to it that justice would be done. Read less

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