Line Walker The Prelude (使徒行者2)

In 2010, a secret operation headed by CHEUK HOI (Michael Miu) from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) in Bangkok takes a disastrous turn where all his undercover officers die in a fire. Meanwhile, CHEUK HOI’s best friend, Senior Inspector LAI SHUI-KUEN (Eddie Cheung), is mysteriously murdered, leaving behind a rookie undercover cop CHENG SUK-MUI (Priscilla Wong). Read moreTo unravel the truth, CHEUK HOI has to promptly bring in undercover cops that they lost contact with. On the other hand, the vicious infighting among Hong Kong’s most powerful triad is triggered, and their leader NGAI TAK-SHUN (Moses Chan) has started to clean house. Though CHUM FOON-HEI (Hui Shiu Hung) has a narrow escape, he loses his beloved wife in the process. FOON-HEI makes the decision to form his own gang, becoming TAK-SHUN’s biggest rival. CHEUK HOI and SUK-MUI team up to investigate TAK-SHUN’s syndicate, during which they not only get to know LOK SIU-FUNG (Chau Pak Ho) and CHUI TIN-TONG (Benjamin Yuen), but also encounter SZE KA-LEI (Jessica Hester Hsuan), who is in charge of TAK-SHUN’s money laundering business. The ever-expanding network of corrupt cops manipulated by TAK-SHUN leaves CHEUK HOI, SUK-MUI and the others no other choice but to join forces with FOON-HEI, staging a densely layered, constantly-looping pattern of trust and betrayal. Vowing to uproot the vicious power, CHEUK HOI has to risk himself to fight the ultimate battle…… Read less

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