Line Walker: Bull Fight (使徒行者3)

After completion of a three-year undercover operation, Sit Ka-keung (Raymond Lam) returns to Hong Kong, opens a foot massage place and continues to gather intelligence. Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) Chief Inspector Cheung Kei-gee (Mandy Wong) keeps Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu) under close surveillance as she suspects Cheuk Hoi has Read morebecome a gangster after being released from prison. Ka-keung and Cheuk Hoi are drawn into an organ trafficking case. They team up with female decoy Dou Ah-hei (Sisley Choi) and Security Bureau Investigator Wai Chok-wing (Kenneth Ma) to crack down on the syndicate involved. Security Bureau then sets up Security Intelligence Agnecy and invites Chui Tin-tong (Benjamin Yuen) to join their team and take the helm of CIB. Chum Foon-hei (Hui Shiu Hung) has managed to escaped death. He then covertly investigates secrets of some gang. Ngai Tak-lai, younger brother of deceased Cheung Hing head Victor, is actually the founder of the mysterious society. He is also plotting to take revenge on Ka-keung and Cheuk Hoi. Read less

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