I’ve Got The Power (超能使者)

Chung Hau-nin (Ruco Chan), Kiu Yeuk-lam (Natalie Tong) and Ko Yung (Joel Chan) are complete strangers. After surviving a traffic accident, they astonishingly gain mystical power! Hau-nin and Ding Shuk-man (Moon Lau) are a loving young married couple. Read more Hau-nin intends to use his mystical power for his own benefit, but he knows how to use his mystical power to help other people as he is influenced by Yeuk-lam, who has a righteous character. However, he has offended crime boss Ho Hing-lung (Jimmy Au) because of his deeds. He has also troubled his close friends Or Tsui-ping (Tiffany Lau) and Ko Shau (Jazz Lam), and his uncle Yuen Ka-fu. Although they are crisis-stricken, a mysterious person called Wai Shui-kei (Grace Wong) fortunately lends a helping hand. In the name of justice, Hau-nin and his chums team up with Shui-kei to confront their arch enemy Hing-lung, setting off rounds of fierce combat. But they helplessly get their buddy Cheung Kin-wai (Sammy Sum) involved in the maelstrom, and get into a deadly situation. Mystical power can transform ordinary people into extraordinary beings, so is it a blessing? Or a curse? And perhaps they are destined to be messengers of justice? Read less

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