ICAC Investigators 2016 (廉政行动2016)

In ICAC investigations into the corrupt activities, senior investigators lead newly-joined assistant investigators to work relentlessly to maintain a fair and just society, facing huge challenges...... Electoral fraud While visiting her grandmother in a public housing estate, ICAC senior investigator AU MAN-WING (Natalie Tong) happens to learn that NG TAK-CHO (Lawrence Cheng), a candidate of District Council by-election, exploited loopholes to provide cheaper meal and free flu shots to residents there as an inducement to vote for him. Read moreSo she promptly reports it to chief investigator PAO SIU-CHUNG (Lai Lok Yi) and launches a probe...... Tour guides receiving kickbacks Heading back to the frontlines after training newcomers, senior investigator CHAN KWOK-YAN (Ruco Chan) soon joins forces with AU MAN-WING (Natalie Tong) to investigate an alleged bribery case, where LEE FOOK-KEUNG (David Chiang), CEO of a watch company, bribed tour guides into bringing more tour groups to the company’s showrooms, and set up an offshore shell company to falsify documents in an attempt to cover up his crimes. Due to the complexity, principal investigator KWAN PUI-LAM (Elena Kong) leads the investigation herself and runs into problems in the process...... Bribery involving a high-level bank employee Businessman LAM HO (Raymond Chiu) bribes senior loans officer CHO KING-HUNG (Jimmy Au) for a loan application. After receiving a complaint, chief investigator PAO SIU-CHUNG (Chris Lai) instantly dispatches CHAN KWOK-YAN (Ruco Chan) alongside newcomer/assistant investigator MA KA-YEE (Karmen Kwok) to probe into the matter. Through their investigation, they discover that avaricious CHO KING-HUNG has racked up nearly HK$2 million worth of gifts and cash from LAM HO. Eventually, both involved parties are charged by the ICAC, however, the principal criminal LAM HO absconds while on bail before the trial...... Cigarette smuggling The chairman of a tobacco company, TSANG KWOK-KEUNG (Joseph Lee), registers a trading company under his girlfriend CHIU YUEN-KWAN's (Jade Leung) name to make purchases from his company and resell them to a logistics company based in Indonesia. Following a complaint, the ICAC suspects they smuggle cigarettes to Mainland China by sea. In light of the evidence gathering difficulties, principal investigator KO WING-HONG (Kenneth Ma) decides to send investigator CHENG PUI-SHAN (Kelly Fu) to YUEN-KWAN's company for a sting operation. On the other hand, he himself leads a team to no-go area in Indonesia for an investigation full of thrills...... Real estate scam and Conspiracy to defraud SFC During his investigation into an alleged conspiracy for an agent to accept advantages involving a land boss and property agents, CHAN KWOK-YAN (Ruco Chan) not only discovers his girlfriend WENDY (Elaine Yiu) is somehow involved, but also learns of her close relationship with LOK SHING-KWONG (Max Cheung), a senior executive of the land developer. His relationship with WENDY soon turns sour. To avoid a conflict of interest, KWOK-YAN is transferred to investigate another case involving a well-known businesswoman, SHUM TSZ-YING (Florence Kwok), who is accused of conspiring to defraud, giving false statements and bribery. Eventually, her secretary CHEUNG WAI-LAN (Harriet Yeung) braves out to become a witness for the prosecution, testifying against her...... Read less

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