ICAC Investigators 2014 (廉政行动2014)

Better Tomorrow Newly joined ICAC investigator KWOK SIU-LAM (Venus Wong) is very ambitious, hoping to handle major cases. However, she is assigned to investigate tedious cases such as unlicensed baby milk powder that supermarket sales person BETTY (JO KOO) conspired with smugglers to export. Seeing those hardworking ordinary citizens go astray for trying to make a living, she cannot help feeling upset. Fortunately, under the guidance of senior investigator MARTIN (Liu Kai Chi), she comes to realize that there is no difference between puny and major cases when it comes to anti-graft operations. Read moreMeanwhile, SIU-LAM is also striving for her better future, and cannot make up her mind whether to leave or stay. Web of Greed Chief Building Services Engineer of the Housing Department LEUNG TAK-SHING (Lawrence Cheng), taking advantage of his position, asks for money from the contractors while issuing government tenders, as if a spider weaving a web to make a handsome profit. This time, the suspect is very cautious, so investigators CHAPMAN CHEUK (Gardner Tse) and MAK SIU-TIN (Raymond Wong), though having received reports, are confronted with endless difficulties and are totally fed up. Fortunately, with the help of other departments, they manage to gather solid evidence, successfully netting the "spider" and bringing the culprit to justice. Money Mind Legendary woman YIP MEI-LAN (Alice Chan) turns herself from someone without a penny to becoming exceptionally wealthy, eventually worming her way into upper society. However, driven by her desire for money, she starts engaging in insider dealing through bribery. Even after she is under investigation by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and then under arrest by the ICAC staff CHEUNG MAN-FUNG (Joyce Tang), JOJO (Shirley Yeung) and WONG CHI-CHUNG (Jason Chan), she continues, perversely, to try to evade the criminal liabilities by hook or by crook. Eventually, she gets involved in more crimes, leading to a road to ruin. Goal Tricks Aspiring and passionate young soccer player KONG CHI-WAH (Ronald Law) goes astray by socializing with those from an illegal soccer gambling syndicate, who threaten and bribe him to conspire with his team members to throw the games in an international match. Following an anonymous tip-off to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), investigator CHAN KWOK-YAN (Ruco Chan), LEE CHI-CHUNG (Cheung Kwok Keung) and LAW PO-MAN (Sire Ma) probe into the matter in secret. When facing the temptation of money, some soccer players practise as usual, whereas some are hesitate about it. Will they eventually betray their own dreams due to blind avarice? Partner In the 90's when ICAC reached its 20th anniversary and the allegations of police corruption gradually reduced, there comes a case of collective corruption involving more than twenty cops, ranging from lower to higher ranks including police officer FONG CHI-KEUNG (Hoffman Cheng) and Chief Inspector JOHN NG (Desmond So). ICAC staff EDMOND (Eddie Kwan), who also participated in the investigation twenty years ago, is now leading rookie Investigator JACKY (Vincent Wong) to follow up the case. Although the case shocks the ICAC investigators so much, with the cooperation of the police force and CHOW SIR's (Kenny Wong) assistance in secret, a close relationship that is associated with cognitive interdependence has been developed between the police force and ICAC. Read less

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