House Of Spirits (一屋老友记)

Following the sudden death of his father, PO LUK (Lau Kong), PO FOON (Bobby Au Yeung), as the executor of his father's will, urgently summons all his three younger siblings back to the house and as requested to stay there together for nine months before the house can be sold. Sister PO YAN (Joyce Tang) brings along her Read moredaughter back to Hong Kong, regardless of her mainland China husband MUI CHIU's (Tsui Wing) objection; whereas avaricious brother PO YUE (Jonathan Cheung) and his snobby wife YU FA (Koni Lui) also arrive soon. Even the youngest brother PO YEE (Bob Cheung) who was on a working holiday overseas hurries back upon receiving the news. With the tattered family relationship creating a rift between siblings, PO FOON out of the blue finds out about a quarrelsome ghost couple, BAK WAH (Bowie Wu) and YI LAN (Helena Law), who have haunted the house for many years. Using their powers to help mend the PO family feud, they instead mess things up causing a hilarious riot. This old house needs repairs, so PO FOON enlists the help of plumber/electrician CHU CHAN-CHAN (Nancy Wu). Right away it becomes obvious that her ways are at odds with his and they squabble over almost everything. Since then, CHAN-CHAN has formed a close bond with the PO family. Surprisingly, due to this, she finds an uncannily effective remedy for her insomnia that she has struggled with for years...... Read less

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