Hong Kong Love Stories (香港爱情故事)

Nice guy designer Chan Tsz-long (Joey Law) and his idealist girlfriend Yau Hoi-kei (Katy Kung) are a typical Hong Kong couple reluctantly living an unsettled life due to land issues. Tsz-long’s two younger sisters Chan Tsz-yan (Venus Wong) and Chan Tsz-ting (Kayan Yau) are polar opposites. Photographer Tsz-yan keeps indulging in artist Ki Ka-hei’s (Brian Tse) decadent paradise. Well-behaved and diligent college goddess Tsz-ting adopts a realistic approach when she finds her first love. Read moreThe two sisters have found the right guys. Tsz-long and Hoi-kei never miss any job opportunity as they want to have their own love nest. The couple moves into a 100-square-foot plus subdivided unit after getting married. They not only have to deal with daily inconveniences due to insufficient space but also need to handle emotional issues of their aging parents on both sides. The couple manages to overcome hurdles. But their property dream turns into a nightmare overnight. Ownership of an apartment has somehow caused them to forget how a loving couple should treat each other. Read less

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