Handmaidens United (丫鬟大联盟)

Yuet-ying (Jacqueline Wong) works as a maid for the Vice Minister of War Kau’s Residence. She also leads six groups of other maids, who earn money by forming an alliance that shares intelligence. Yuet-gau (Roxanne Tong) sells herself to become a maid because she’s determined to earn money so her lover Fu Yau-wai (Brian Tse) can sit for the imperial examinate in the capital. Read moreYuet-gau and Yuet-ying take care of Madam Sheungkoon Wan-ying (Angie Cheong) and Madam Koon Chi-pui (Florence Kwok) respectively. The two always try to outsmart each other to win their bosses’ favour. Young Master Kau Kei-tsun (Tony Hung) and Yuet-ying fall in love. Unfortunately, Kei-tsun’s father Kau Ching (Timothy Cheng) brings difficulties to his life. Kau Ching gets relegated after committing an offence. Kei-tsun is determined to bring honour back to his family, so he works hard to succeed at the imperial examination. Minister of War Fok Bun’s (Poon Chi Man) daughter Fok Yin-jing (Lisa Lau) also has a liking for Yau-wai and constantly tries to seduce him. In fear of their men leaving them if they do well at the imperial examination, Yuet-gau and Yuet-ying are set on sabotaging their lovers’ studies. When both the couples are on the verge of breaking up, they suddenly get entangled in a coup scheme. Read less

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