Go With The Float (轻•功)

Former stuntman Hung Sap-yat (Wayne Lai) hooks up with his buddies, who are also former film crew members, Chung Chi-wai (Willie Wai), Fong Sum (Wong Yee Kam), Lee Sai-fong (Timothy Cheng) and Ng Kam-yin (Jimmy Au) as they want to organize a retrospective for Sap-yat’s late wife Miu Miu (Mimi Kung). Read more They reminisce about the old days. The chums even regroup and shoot a movie based on a completed screenplay entitled Flying Skill from yesteryear. Meanwhile, Sap-yat’s daughter Hung Yik-nam (Joman Chiang) and son Hung Yik-fung (Brian Chu) also return to their old home to stay with their father. However, each of them is hiding something. Sap-yat agrees to take on a mysterious guy called Yuen Chik (Frederick Cheng) as his disciple. Yik-fung is hostile towards Yuen Chik as he is worried about Yuen Chik having some ulterior motive. And then Miu Miu astonishingly reappears in front of everybody. Actually, the person before them is just Ho Sok, who used to substitute for Miu Miu as a stunt double. Ho Sok seems to want something as she abruptly turns up. Read less

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