Go! Go! Go! Operation C9 (C9特工)

The spy agency that agent C9 Yue Siu-Kiu (Samantha Ko) works for has been wiped out. Alone and lonely, Siu-Kiu meets vegetable seller Ko Tai-king (Kenneth Ma). After her marriage to him, Siu-Kiu takes up the responsibility of attending to the needs of his tumultuous family, which comprises of her father-in-law Ko Au (Lee Ka Ting),Read moreolder sister-in-law Ko Ching-lai (Yuen Kit Yee), little brother-in-law Ko Tai-kiu (Brian Chu) and stepson Ko Hei-long. 5 years later, Siu-Kiu is now a full-fledged housewife. But one day, Siu-Kiu’s ex spy partner B3 (Lai Lok Yi), who evaded death, unexpectedly arrives to request for Siu-Kiu’s help in finding the person who caused the downfall of the agency. Siu-Kiu agrees and continues to hide her past from Tai-King, concurrently carrying out her housewife duties while working on spy activities. However, she doesn’t carry out either job well. Upon uncovering Siu-Kiu’s identity, terrorist group Black Hole comes after her. To keep her family safe, she courageously stands up to Black Hole. While doing so, some appalling truths are revealed. As a result, Siu-Kiu, Tai-king and their mates are forced to fight Black Hole in a menacing combat!Read less

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