Ghost Of Relativity (鬼同你OT)

SUEN SHUK-MUI (Kristal Tin), an architectural firm newcomer, really couldn’t have screwed things up much worse. Not only did she actually cause architect MAI HOI-LONG (Moses Chan) to lose an international award, but she also was immediately dismissed by the Administration Manager, KEUNG YUNG (Nancy Wu). Later on, she ends up being involved in a series of bizarre and ludicrous events. Read morehKEUNG YUNG is electrocuted to death because of SHUK-MUI's knock-off phone, and her ghost attaches to the phone. The ghost of KEUNG YUNG then uses SHUK-MUI, who is the only person that can see her, to return to the company as she has had a crush on HOI-LONG for years. With KEUNG YUNG helping SHUK-MUI climb up the corporate ladder, the two develop a mutually dependent relationship, and in the process, KEUNG YUNG even unmasks the General Manager, LEE ON-LAP (Eddie Kwan), and Board Member, LAW LAI-FA's (Vivien Yeo) plot. Fortunately, getting help from a hacker, AI TIT-MAN (Ram Chiang), they are able to deal with the difficult and malicious colleagues for the time being. SHUK-MUI bears a resemblance to KEUNG YUNG and gradually makes HOI-LONG fall for her, turning KEUNG YUNG green with envy. However, KEUNG YUNG's existence is closely linked with the clone phone, and she will vanish once the phone runs out of battery. By then, everything SHUK-MUI has will be gone...... Read less

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