Ghost Cleansing Ltd (凶宅清洁师)

Rewind eighteen years and youngster Chiu and his buddy Hung get into trouble when they play Ouija board, causing a family tragedy and Chiu’s parents’ awful deaths. Fortunately, sorcerer Wan Yuet-ping (Lee Shing Cheong) comes to their rescue, and a disaster is averted. Chiu decides to learn from Yuet-ping and become an exorcist. Read more While investigating some haunted place, Chiu (Tony Hung) again runs into Hung (Fred Cheng). Actually, Hung has been living under the spell of the Ouija board ghost since that tragedy. Meanwhile, at an abandoned school, online presenter May (Kelly Fu), who produces spooky shows, is in a precarious situation as she retrieves some blue-and-white porcelain plate that was used to summon Ouija. Chiu rushes to the scene. Is he able to save May and exact revenge on the nasty ghost by exorcism? Read less

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