Get On A Flat (下流上车族)

“Getting on the property ladder” in Hong Kong is arguably the hardest in the world. Rewind to the 2008 financial crisis and supermarket manager Che Chi-ming (Andrew Lam) hurriedly sells his apartment.Read more Who could have known even though Chi-ming has been chasing after property prices for 14 years, he still cannot get on the property ladder once again. A middle class lifestyle is tragically transformed into a “midlife crisis”.Chi-ming’s wife Man Wai (Elena Kong) is obsessed with property ownership. She goes to work as a part-time maid at some luxury home. She uploads photos to some social media platform, causing her younger cousin sister to think she still lives in a luxury property. Their little daughter becomes a rough sleeper as they want to get a chance of being allocated some public housing flat. Their eldest daughter even uses fake marriage scheme to apply for a HOS flat. Eventually, Chi-ming resorts to astonishingly acknowledging his mother’s love rival as his mother as he wants to scam this elderly other woman out of her public housing flat. To fulfill their property dream, the Ches get into hilarious situations as they use whatever dirty tricks they can come up with. They experience loved ones conflicting each other and fickle emotions. Fortunately, they eventually realize a “house” is not the same as a “home”. Family members finally abandon chasing the “house” dream and come to terms with love as their home. Read less

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