Final Destiny (一笑渡凡间)

According to legend, the Buddha’s aide the Roc arbitrarily goes to the mortal realm to cause havoc. The Buddha sends his envoy to go after the trouble maker. The envoy and the Roc engage each other in a duel. Fast-forward five hundred years and an injured man is lying in the wilderness. Luk Ching-yee (Jessica Kan), female embroiderer in a small village, comes to his rescue. He becomes a laborer at the embroidery workshop and dyehouse. The man runs into enlightened monk Master Wai Read moreChung)Yuen in his dream, and his mysterious background is unraveled. He recalls his real name Lee Sau-yuen (Edwin Siu). He is also reunited with his old buddy Fong Chi-peng (Sammy Sum). Sau-yuen and female constable So Yau (Roxanne Tong) become adversaries. During repeated confrontations, the duo covertly begin to have affectionate feelings for each other. However, Ching-yee also makes advances to Sau-yuen. Black demon crisis then hits the small village. To save the mortals, Sau-yuen decides to forget love and desire. Everything is actually karma. Fate is predestined. Read less

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